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Cromwell Halfcrown of 1658




The Commonwealth of England

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Cromwell Halfcrown, 1658
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Cromwell Halfcrown, 1658


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"So refreshing to finally witness one of the world's leading numismatic experts freely and openly share his extensive research, knowledge and understanding in the creation of this comprehensive
informative and groundbreaking work of reference on Cromwell and Commonwealth coinage.  It is both defining and essential. The bar has been set and it's set very high !"  HistoryinCoins.com

Both my go to :)  -- rpeddie, collector

Wow! What a site. You have put in a TON of work on it. Thank you for providing an amazing reference. -- Paul R., CoinQuest

This website is superb and is always the first thing I check with Commonwealth coins. -- Phil Hutchings

Without doubt the best source for information on Commonwealth coinage, the year dates and the varieties within a year. It’s all here with price guides and spectacular colour photos to help the beginner and the experienced collector. -- The Numismatist

True Level 3 experience - Commonwealth / denomination / year / rarity, errors & over dates


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