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Cromwell Halfcrown, 1658
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CromwellCoins - A over V, 1653 Silver Crown

A over V, 1653 Crown

1653 Crown

1654 Crown


Letter A, 1654                                     1653                                         1652                                         1656

           Sometimes described as upside down A for V, alternatively as V over A, this is a puzzle in need of a solution. Seen on a single 1653 crown and sometimes on a 1654 crown. One has to wonder because the 1654 crown was produced in low numbers so it’s difficult to talk about the presence or absence of die wear. The 1653 example is shown with the hint of a bar in the top picture. The 1654 with and without the bar in the centre pictures. The bottom row of pictures show the letter A seen on the obverse side of Crowns over 4 years between 1652 and 1656. It’s surprising that none of the letters are the same. 

1656 V3
1656 V4
1654 V1
1653 V1
1653 V2

1656                                   1656                                      1654                                           1653                                   1653

1653 V AND A

           1654 crown

If there was ever an A, it was totally obliterated with a V to the point where only a very light impression of the bar still remains.

          1653 Crown

This is V over A with the V punched lightly over the A.